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or try songmeanings.net}

KoRn "we got a fucked up reason to live...who really gives a fuck?
were gonna wake up hate...were gonna fuck you up!
i wanna break everything...i wanna make it sting
were gonna wake up hate...were gonna wake it up!"


KoRn.com official site
KoRn Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks tons of links
KoRn @ MySpace

*korn's 9th studio disc called 'korn III: remember who you are', drops june 29th 2010
*other albums: 'korn' s/t (1994) 'life is peachy' (1996) 'follow the leader' (1998)
'issues' (1999) 'untouchables' (2002) 'take a look in the mirror' (2003) 'see you on the other side' (2005)
'untitled' (2007)


TooL "we all feed on tragedy
its like blood to a vampire
vicariously i live while the whole world dies
much better you than i"


TOOL offical site
t.d.n. "semi-official" site
Tool Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks

*be sure to check out MJK's other bands, a perfect circle & puscifer
*sweet. '10,000 days' on may 2nd 2006
*other albums: 'opiate' (1992) 'undertow' (1993) 'aenima' (1996) 'lateralus' (2001)

DefTonEs "first we are,
ever to fall off of the earth.. we must be the first ones
in the world to fall of the earth!
it could be soon..."


Deftones.com official site
Deftones World insane deftones site
Deftones Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Deftones @ MySpace

*new disc 'diamond eyes' out may 2010
*check chino's project 'team sleep'
*other albums: 'adrenaline' (1995) 'around the fur' (1997) 'white pony' (2000)
'deftones' s/t (2003) 'b-sides/rarities' (2005) 'saturday night wrist' (2006)


hEd(p.e.) "know your enemies well
trust nothing and no one
cuz everything sucks
know your enemies well
dont sleep for a minute
cuz thats when youre fucked!
theres got to be a better way.."

(HED)p.e.@suburban noize official site
(HED)p.e. FANS message board
(HED) wikipedia
(hed)rocks yeah ok?
ArtistDirect Weblinks
(HED)p.e. @ MySpace

*'truth rising' release october 26th 2010
*other albums: 'church of realities' (1995) 'hedpe' s/t (1997) 'broke' (2000) 'blackout' (2003)
'only in amerika' (2005) 'back 2 base x' (2006) 'insomnia' (2007) 'new world orphans (2009)


SnOt "SNOT...were fittin to take your town...
you know we wear the crown...just got to mess around
leave your daughters and your sisters with me, down
down for that fattest sound...were comin to your town
breaking some ground...someones got to do it"


Vocalist James Lynn Strait, and his dog, were tradgically
killed in a car accident in late '98..
and that fuckin sucks.

SNOT official site
SNOT @ Myspace
Snot Merch store
Snot Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks

*UPDATE: snot has reunited as 'tons' with most of the original lineup
*live album 'snot alive' released july 30th 2002 (what they need is a tribute DVD)
*other albums: 'get some' (1997) 'strait up-tribute' (2000)

cold "was it life ive betrayed, for the shape that im in
its not hard to fail; its not easy to win
did i drink too much, could i disappear
theres nothing thats left but wasted tears
theres nothing left but wasted years"


Cold @ Sonicstar Records
Cold Wikipedia
Cold Army good info
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Cold @ MySpace

*UPDATE: cold has reunited and will release new disc in the future!
*scooter is in a new group dubbed 'the killer and the star'
*other albums: 'cold' s/t (1998) '13 ways to bleed on stage' (2000)
'year of the spider' (2003) 'a different kind of pain' (2005)

Mu Dv Ay Ne "nailed inside my head! fuck this!
i dont need your shit...all the lies deciet and arrogance
talk your shit like my life is some kinda game...like you fuckin know me
just go far away and be small...run far away and be small
go lie in a hole and be small!!"

Mudvayne official Mudvayne site
This is Mudvayne
Mudvayne Wikipedia
Mudvayne Webring
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Mudvayne @ MySpace

*self-titled album out december 22nd 2009.
*Check out Chad and Greg's other band 'HELLYEAH'
*other albums: 'L.D. 50' (2000) 'the beginning of all things to end' (2001 re-release of 'kill, i oughtta')
'the end of all things to come' (2002) 'lost and found' (2005) 'the new game' (2008)


PeNNyWiSe "fucked up eyes, stupid grin
perfect people wont let me in.
whos who list, wheres my name
they wont let me join their game.
i bet that you think that im insane
theres no one left for me to blame,
screw the perfect people
fuck they all look the same"


Pennywisdom official
PW @ Epitaph
Pennywise @ MySpace
Pennywise Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks

*vocalist jim left the band and started 'the black pacific'
*latest album 'reason to believe' out march 25th 2008
*other albums: Pennywise (1991), Unknown Road (1993), About Time (1995), Full Circle (1997)
Straight Ahead (1999), Land of the Free? (2001), From the Ashes (2003), The Fuse (2005)


SysTem of a DoWn "hey you, see me...pictures, crazy
all the world ive seen before me passing by
ive got nothing, to gain, to lose,
all the world ive seen before me passing by"


System of a Down official site
SOAD Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
System of a Down @ MySpace

*check out Serj Tankian's solo projects
*check out daron and jon's new project 'scars on broadway'
*other albums: 'system of a down' s/t (1998) 'toxicity' (2001) 'steal this album' (2002) 'mesmerize' & 'hypnotize' (2005)

theBLED "you are the teeth and the lungs
biting back and breathing in
your love is homicide, the queen is beckoning
get on your knees and beg for your life
you will pay the price
close your eyes and die"


The Bled official site
Vagrant Records
The Bled Wikipedia
TheBled @ MySpace
ArtistDirect Weblinks

*new album 'heat fetish' march 2nd 2010
*other albums: 'his first crush' (2001) 'pass the flask' (2003) 'found in the flood (2005) 'silent treatment' (2007)


ZebRaHeaD "get up, get up
the house is on fire
get up, get up
i want to get higher
get up, get up
you mother fucking liar
you make me feel alone!"


Zebrahead.tv news/tour/fanclub
Zebrahead Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Zebrahead @ MySpace

*new album, consisting of covers, 'panty raid' november 2009
*other albums: s/t aka 'the yellow' (1997) 'waste of mind' (1998) 'playmate of the year' (2000)
'MFZB' (2003) 'waste of mfzb' (2004) 'broadcast to the world' (2006) 'phoenix'(2008)

tHe UsEd "in your eyes
i lost my place
could stay a while
and im melting, in your eyes
like my first time
that i caught fire
just stay with me.."

The Used official site
The Used Wikipedia
The Used First Site
ArtistDirect Weblinks
The Used @ MySpace

*new disc 'artwork' draws on sept 1st 2009
*other albums: 'the used' s/t (2002) 'in love and death' (2004) lies for the liars (2007)


StAtic-X "killing me inside
take a drink forget
chemical passion
drowning my defect
i feel it pounding
i feel it bending
i feel it breaking
all that is perfect"


Static-X official site
Static-x Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Static-X @ MySpace

*#6 is the 'cult of static' released on march 17th 2009
*other albums: 'wisconsin death trip' (1999) 'machine' (2001) 'shadow zone' (2003)
'start a war' (2005) 'cannibal' (2007)


SLiPknOt "people=shit! what you gonna do?
people=shit! cuz im not afraid of you
people=shit! im everything youll never be
people=shit! people=shit!!"


Slipknot 1 official website
RoadRunner Slipknot
Slipknot @ MySpace
Slipknot Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks

*new album 'all hope is gone' rips your face off on august 26th 2008
*other albums: 'mate.feed.kill.repeat.' 'slipknot' s/t (1999) 'iowa' (2001)
'vol. 3: the subliminal verses' (2004)

RiSe AGaiNsT "i havent slept in so long.
when I do I dream of drowning in the ocean,
longing for the shore,
where i can let my hair down.
ill follow your voice,
all you have to do is shout it out."


RiseAgainst.com official site
Rise Against @ Myspace
Rise Against Wikipedia
ArtistDirect weblinks

*new album 'appeal to reason' out oct 7th 2008
*other albums: 'the unraveling' (2001), 'revolutions per minute' (2003), 'siren song of the counter culture' (2004),
'the sufferer & the witness' (2006)


koTTonMouThkingS "life aint what it seems
it aint no fucking dream
so get a grip upon yo shit
and make sure yo pipes clean"


Kottonmouth Kings official site
Kottonmouth Kings Wikipedia
Kottonmouth Kings @ MySpace
ArtistDirect Weblinks

*yet another called 'long live the kings' out 4/20 2010
*other albums: 'royal highness' (1998) 'hidden stash' (1999) 'high society' (2000) 'hidden stash II' (2001)
'rollin stoned' (2002) 'fire it up' (2004) 'no. 7' (2005) 'koast II koast' (2006)
'hidden stash III' (2007) 'cloud 9' (2007) 'the green album'(2008) 'hidden stash 420' (2009)

tHriCe "you think theyre selling you truth...but theyre just selling you
and if we keep buying in
the line between lies and truth will wear paper thin
you think theyre selling you truth...truth is theyre selling you out!"

Thrice.net official website
Thrice@Hopeless Records label site
Thrice Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Thrice @ MySpace

*one disc effort 'beggars' out on sept 15th 2009
*other albums: 'identity crisis' (2001) 'illusion of safety' (2002) 'artist in the ambulance' (2003) 'vheissu' (2005)
'the alchemy index: vols. I & II - fire & water' (2007) 'the alchemy index: vols. III & IV - earth & air' (2008)

AliEn aNt FarM

"these days are great...theres work to do
would you like to work with me...id love to work you
these days are great...and so are you
i think its something positive and negative too"


Alien Ant Farm official site
AlienAntFarm Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Alien Ant Farm @ MySpace

*these guys basically played right down the street for free and i didnt even know about it. ME=FAIL.
*latest: 'up in the attic' release july 18th 2006
*other albums: 'ANThology' (2001) 'truant' (2003)

ChiMaiRa "i am the constant chill
that moves up and down your spine
i am the versatile one
that moves in and out your mind
i am the dark abyss
that hauntes before your prayers
and i am the nemesis
that haunts in your nightmares"


Chimaira official site
Chimaira Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Chimaira @ MySpace

*'the infection' out april 21st 2009
*other albums: 'this present darkness' (2000) 'pass out of existance' (2001)
'the impossibility of reason' (2003) 'chimaira' s/t (2005) 'resurrection' (2007)

SmoKe or FiRe "where do i sleep tonight?
where did i leave my mind?
ill end up on the floor,
and these words will do just fine."

Smoke or Fire official@fat wreck chords
Smoke or Fire Wikipedia
Smoke or Fire @ MySpace

*new album 'the speakeasy' out nov 9th 2010
*other albums: 'above the city' (2005) 'this sinking ship' (2007)

iLL niNo "just kill me - i cant breathe
i am guiding myself right to the end
i cant learn - come to terms
with the sickness that makes me crash and burn"

Ill Nino official website
Ill Nino Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Ill Nino @ MySpace

*new album 'dead new world' out november 2010
*other albums: 'revolution/revolucion' (2001) 'confession' (2003) 'one nation underground' (2005) 'enigma' (2008)

36 CraZyFiSTs "crawling from the floor
ive been there before
there i was
staring back at the bottom"


36 Crazyfists official site
36 Crazyfists Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
36 Crazyfists @ Myspace

*5th album titled 'collisions and castaways' release july 27th 2010
*other albums: 'bitterness the star' (2002) 'a snow-capped romance' (2004) 'rest inside the flames' (2006) 'the tide and its takers' (2008)

aTReYu "arent you tired of being weak?
such rage that you could scream
all the stars right out of the sky..
and destroy the prettiest starry night,
every evening that I die..
live, love, burn, die.."

Atreyu official website
Atreyu Wikipedia
ArtistDirect Weblinks
Atreyu @ MySpace

*'congregation of the damned' out october 27th 2009
*other albums: 'suicide notes and butterfly kisses' (2002) 'the curse' (2004) 'a deathgrip on yesterday' (2006) 'lead sails paper anchor' (2007)



* = recently added

20 Dead Flower Children
40 Below Summer

A Day To Remember
The Agony Scene
Alice in Chains
Alkaline Trio
American Head Charge
Arch Enemy
Avenged Sevenfold

Back from Ashes
Bad Religion
Bailey's Window
Beastie Boys
Billy Talent
Bleeding Through
the Blood Brothers
Blood for Blood
The Bouncing Souls
*The Bollox
Breaking Benjamin
The Bronx
Burnt by the Sun
Buzz Poets

Cattle Decapitation
Coal Chamber
Crazy Town
Crystal Method
Cypress Hill

Dave Matthews Band
The Descendents
Dillinger Escape Plan
The Distillers
Dr. Dre
Dropkick Murphys
Drowning Pool
Dry Kill Logic
Dying Fetus

Every Time I Die
*Eyes Set to Kill
E-Town Concrete

The Faint
Fear Factory
Fieldy's Dreams
*Five Finger Death Punch
The Format
Funeral for a Friend


*How to Destroy Angels
The Human Abstract
Human Waste Project

Ice Cube
Insane Clown Posse

Janes Addiction

Killswitch Engage

Lamb of God
Less Than Jake
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Lollipop Lust Kill
Lost Prophets

*Matt and Kim
*Mariachi el Bronx
Marilyn Manson
The Matches
Mindless Self Indulgence
My Ruin

The Network
Nine Inch Nails
No Doubt

The Offspring
One Day as a Lion
One Minute Silence

Papa Roach
Pearl Jam
A Perfect Circle
Pink Floyd
Poison the Well
Powerman 5000
Pressure 4-5
the Prodigy

The Raconteurs
Rage Against the Machine
The Ramones
The Randies
The Red Chord

Scars on Broadway
Screeching Weasel
Serj Tankian
Shadows Fall
Silent Civilian
Slaves On Dope
Slightly Stoopid
*Smoke or Fire
Snoop Dogg
Streetlight Manifesto
A Static Lullaby
Stone Sour
Stone Temple Pilots
Story of the Year
Straight Faced
Strike Anywhere
The Strokes
Stuck Mojo
Sum 41
Superjoint Ritual
Sworn Enemy

Taking Back Sunday
Team Sleep
Tickertape Parade
Tom Petty
Total Devastation
Trust Company
Twisted Method


the Vandals
Velvet Revolver

Walls of Jericho
the White Stripes

*All bands are JWaX Approved

"sorry im anti-social
but people make me sick!
give me just one good reason
i should put up with this.
every time i turn my back
ive got a knife in it,
but ive learned my lessons."
-primer55 'lessons'

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