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JWaX's Mu(sic)
Bands of the momenT:

cant get enough of this, i hope
'the speakeasy'
is just as addicting on november 9th 2010.

out february 22nd 2011.

previously on..
Bands of the momenT:

you can find the
'truth rising'
on october 26th 2010.

15th studio album!
'the dissent of man'
starts on september 28th 2010.

they arent lost at all
shows up on sept 14th 2010.

its been about 8 years in the making
'women and children last'
debuts august 31st 2010.

its cold in alaska
'collisions and castaways'
out july 27th 2010.

Myspace pickS:
(new bands that i seem to like; so sample them yourself)

No Second Prize
One Big Lie
South of Divine
Theory of Disorder
Wide Eye Panic

sponsored by
(ok, not really)

09/15/2010 02:29pm - cant stop playing smoke or fire
06/23/2010 12:36am - oh apathy has rained on me.
01/13/2010 12:17pm - new music, where u at?
08/04/2009 02:00pm - im pretty sure only google bots come to this site.
04/12/2009 11:58pm - yeah its 2009. fuck off. too lazy.
12/20/2008 07:57pm - bout to break out the jager if my ride dont show soon.
08/30/2008 01:59am - added a 'myspace picks' section under bands of the moment.
08/25/2008 08:00pm - updated lyrics to most featured bands. also, created a myspace cause im that fucking bored.
08/08/2008 07:05am - cold is back. SNOT is back. fuck yes.
04/18/2008 06:17am - yo.
12/16/2007 09:21pm - another depressing year is almost over. yay..
08/19/2007 05:21pm - edited out.
06/30/2007 12:41pm - summer is hot as fuck around here.
03/11/2007 12:42pm - mmm. some good bands be out dis year.
02/02/2007 01:07pm - 2007 already? that sucks.
11/08/2006 07:06pm - i havent really been updating much. so fuck off! ;)
05/09/2006 11:13pm - lyrics > tool, thrice, kmk, hedpe, korn, ill nino, nonpoint, soad, zebrahead, static-x
03/31/2006 06:22pm - bored. kinda sick. bout to drink anyways. added myspace sites for the good bands. peace.
02/19/2006 10:55pm - tasted chaos last friday.. otherwise i aint doin shit rights about now. fuck yeah!
12/10/2005 06:22pm - yo im kickin it in AZ now! oh if ya didnt know, 'nothingface' is reunited so go to
08/06/2005 03:07pm - added 'atreyu' as a kick ass band
04/10/2005 01:18am - what the fuck is going on? some good shiit coming out dis summer
01/03/2005 08:18pm - nothin doin jus chillin..
10/24/2004 10:11pm - added new lyrics for 'nonpoint', '40 below summer',
'skrape', 'slipknot', 'zebrahead', 'the used', and 'dry kill logic'
08/18/2004 09:58am - jus chillin.. life sucks sometimes when friendships turn to HATE.
oh and apparently skrape broke up or at least the singer left and is rockin with a new band
06/17/2004 12:55am - well after a couple of the greatest concerts ive ever been to,
i had to add the 'kottonmouth kings' to the featured bands section cause im
k-i-n-g-4-l-i-f-e :)
06/01/2004 08:44pm - helll yeahh im seeing zebrahead and kmk this weekend!
also on tap dis summa iz warped tour, town fair V, projekt revolution.....
04/11/2004 01:56am - wwwwwwwaaaaaaaassssssssssssupppppppppppppppppppppppp?!
02/28/2004 03:35pm - bad news: 'nothingface' has broken up.. good news: im going to the jagermiester music tour in april ;)
12/26/2003 06:19pm - it was a good the ps2 and ready to give up everything else...see you next year!
10/28/2003 08:07pm - just playing with the colors, the colors man! i bought 4 cds today,
strangely they were all black and white...see u on devils night...
08/30/2003 09:37pm - well not much is going on...some cool cds coming out
07/17/2003 08:21pm - 'pressure 4-5' is now over with, and i reeally wanted a new cd from them..
ill probably add a heavyweight to the bands page known as 'chimaira'
07/03/2003 09:32pm - just lettin u know 'reveille' blew up
(not in a platinum status way; a fireworks tragedy way) happy 4th!
05/29/2003 09:04pm - added 'the used' and 'thrice' as featured bands; updated lyrics
05/07/2003 07:14pm - im just chillin, and ready to buy at least 5 cds this month
04/06/2003 04:07am - hey. im tired. lotta cds coming out this summer, whats up with u?
03/22/2003 03:28pm - sweeeet.
03/19/2003 07:48pm - well i finally got a good cable connection, which means more music for me,
and possibly even more music info for you...if anyone is even out there?
(p.s. were gonna kill saddam in about 12 minutes :)
01/05/2003 07:06pm - P55 broke up! happy knew year anyways, peace.
11/29/2002 02:15pm - jus hanging out, picked up the new mudvayne, it rules
11/02/2002 05:50pm - i dont have a computer right now
09/19/2002 11:11pm - not doing much.
08/15/2002 10:57pm - "beaten why for? cant take much more, nothing wrong with me!
somethings got to give! now let the bodies hit the floor!!"
07/21/2002 06:11pm - whats up, just added some featured bands like lollipop lust kill, nonpoint, and dry kill logic
06/16/2002 01:43am - updated lyrics for koRn, SOAD, snot, skrape, slipknot, and OMS;
new korn cd is nice, and the dvd is funny, check it out
05/11/2002 01:57am - whoa, same thing as exactly one week one minute ago
05/04/2002 01:56am - jus cleanin up round here; hittin a sweet new pipe from
04/20/2002 05:28am - ahh, another 4/20 and i ended up here again updating my site, weird.
(party hard for the next 10 days!)
03/21/2002 10:33pm - attended the heavily armed 'jagermiester tour' with drowning pool, coal chamber,
ill nino, and 40 below summer, and i am hurtin.. its great.
01/20/2002 12:10pm - added ill nino as a featured band and several links to da official sites section
01/05/2002 11:22am - added a real-time drawing board, 'the most pit', on the links page for lil somethin to do, and happy new yeer again.
12/10/2001 06:31pm - be sure to pick up the new mudvayne DVD that is out tomorrow!
11/01/2001 04:46pm - i didnt get much candy last night, but i did update my site a little bit, i think.
09/15/2001 06:25pm - well everything is fucked up in this world right now, and i pray those bastards get what they deserve.
08/12/2001 05:36pm - added 'Primer 55' banner in support of (the) new release, and 'Alien Ant Farm' as a featured band
08/08/2001 07:12pm - look for new 'slipknot', 'system of a down', and 'american head charge' within a month, all touring together this fall
07/02/2001 01:20pm - just checkin in, whas up?
05/25/2001 01:55pm - new tool = phat, new static-x = phat, new skrape = phat
04/20/2001 ??????? - damn, its that time of year again? party on..
02/21/2001 02:34pm - chillin, added about 12 official links to bands that ive been listenin to lately, on the bands page
02/08/2001 05:33pm - just saying high, and adjusting some things, happy new year, later
09/25/2000 03:14am - added 'mudvayne' links to featured bands
07/29/2000 04:25pm - havnt had the internet in a couple months, dont know when ill have more access,
tattoo the earth was fucking great, im going to ozzfest tomorrow!! peace out.
05/10/2000 03:34pm - added 'a perfect circle' to bands of the moment
04/20/2000 ??????? - obviously im busy
04/16/2000 07:35pm - added 'incubus' to featured bands
04/07/2000 04:27am - just chillin, took down the old site so its this from now on...
added a webring, 'the new metal ring'... maybe you can find even better sites than mine? nah.
03/30/2000 04:15pm - just puttin some links up for 'disturbed' and fixin things up.
03/27/2000 11:35pm - been too lazy to finish, internet too slow, almost done
03/15/2000 03:55am - working on this site, taking shots of rum.
03/15/2000 03:53am - this site is always under construction..enjoy.

"i cant say what i want to,
even if im not serious..
'go fuck yourself,
you piece of shit,
why dont you just go kill yourself?'
i cant say what i want to
even if im just kidding!
why dont you go fuck yourself!!
just kidding."
-tool 'hush'

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